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"Unbelievable! I stacked Redwood, Testro-X, and Mucuna I cant believe the feeling of positivity. My muscle are feeling harder and my overall strength is improved. Not to mention the blood flow I can really tell the difference especially in the bedroom! Unbelievable product and I've only taken it for 30 days."
- Andrew  Verified Buyer

The dynamic duo of Testro-X and Redwood will keep your hormones balanced and your blood flow and energy high all day long! The perfect stack for any guy. Subscribe today and save every month.


The Supplement Starter Pack for Men


Support T Production

The ingredients in Testro-X target the micronutrient deficiencies most common in men with low T. Take Testro-X daily to support natural production of the master male hormone.


Boost Blood Flow

Redwood does one thing - support circulatory health. The ingredients in Redwood stimulate nitric oxide production, leading to more blood flow, nutrient delivery and bedroom performance.


Supercharge Your Workouts

Take Redwood and Testro-X together to support muscle growth, vascularity, strength and stamina naturally.

TESTRO-X: Testosterone Booster
TESTRO-X: Testosterone Booster


Testosterone Booster

Testro-X is all about stimulating your body's natural ability to produce testosterone. A natural blend of vitamins, minerals and potent herbs, Testro-X can help boost hormonal function, improve strength and muscle gain, and optimize sleep and recovery. On top of all that, enjoy a boost in energy all day long.


Boost energy naturally with Testro-X, no more mid-day crashes and exhausted evenings. Experience energy, stamina and power.†


By improving testosterone production, you stimulate your body's ability to put on muscle, making your gym visits more worth it.†


Experience stamina in and out of the bedroom. Users report improved bedroom performance as a result of taking Testro-X.†

REDWOOD: Nitric Oxide & Circulatory Support
REDWOOD: Nitric Oxide & Circulatory Support


Nitric Oxide & Circulatory Support

The naturally-sourced formula in Redwood supports blood flow for healthy, smooth circulation, strong immune health, optimal blood pressure and performance. On top of all that, experience more stamina & energy all day long.†


Boost blood flow & circulation naturally with Redwood, leading to better performance, healthy blood pressure, & warmer extremities. †


Fortify your immune system with well-known immune-boosting ingredients Vitamin C and Garlic, as well as Isoleucyl-Prolyl-Proline, Valyl-Prolyl-Proline.†


Better circulation leads to more stamina & endurance as well as improved mood & well-being. You'll be able to go faster, longer.†

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Antonio T.
United States United States

Test X and redwood

I feel like im 16 years old again, I wake up with massive energy, i think more clearer, im not stressed out anymore, i overcame my depression of years, i beat my anxiety attacks, my *** life is fantastic, my bench bar in my pants is bigger, I last longer, I nuts hang, I balls bust really good money shots, I really do love these products it surely gave me my confidence back and wanting to live not to just exist.

UMZU Testro-X and Redwood Bundle Review
Tom P.
United States United States

I have energy now

I am a 56yr old truck driver and I have been trying to figure out how to bring my weight gain/eating habits under control while at the same time helping my body, so, after watching some UMZU video’s and after a few months decided to try the products. One of the biggest differences noticed was in my sleeping, before stacking my arms would feel achy/tingly/numb and I would wake up and reposition multiple times, after a week of taking the stack, I didn't have these feelings anymore, I felt rested & clear headed, ready to go, I now pop out of bed ready to go to work which was odd for me, in the past I would normally want to just lay there for a while not wanting to get up, I felt tired, worn out but now I have energy, I want to get out of bed. I’m not a gym going person but while stacking redwood, testro-x and zucollagen I notice a kind of muscled pump sensation throughout my upper body like I have been working out in a gym; not sore more along as if I had been doing small warmups or something. Also, I lost 26lbs and gained muscle mass throughout my body; more noticeable in my chest and shoulder/arms area but I was on an only meat & eggs diet at the time with water only plus mothers’ vinegar. I have energy throughout the day/evening, whereas in the past I would feel worn down get tired quickly and after about 2 to 3 weeks of being on the stack something changed privately concerning my body that we like. My eating habits changed, whereas in the past I would just eat anytime, anything I wanted but after a week or two of taking the stack my eating habits changed to eating just once or twice a day plus I don't crave sweets now and my soda consumption dropped and I have more of a craving for water.

United States United States


I stacked redwood, testrox, and mucuna I cant believe the feeling of positivity. My muscle are feeling harder and my overall strength is improved. Not to mention the bloodflow I can really tell the difference especially in the bedroom! Unbelievable product and I've only taken it for 30 days.

Jeffrey D.
United States United States

Life Changer

I have been using Redwood over a year with TextroX along with other great products from Umzu. 57 yrs old strongest best shape I have ever been in. This science works and it is a game changer for your life. Get the T levels up. Get the Estrogen down. It is simple math. Energy and stamina. Drive and focus. Mucuna is great for that for sure. I believe in it. I practice it. I thank you guys so much. It’s a great investment in yourself. I am telling you it change me around. Thanks again Umzu. Jd.

Lorenzo V.
United States United States


I have enjoyed the product. I haven’t been very active because I had back surgery a few months ago but I started taking Redwood last month anyway. I’m proud to say I went on a two mile walk in 30 degree weather and I didn’t get tired and I didn’t feel as cold as I thought I would. Great product. Highly recommend

UMZU Testro-X and Redwood Bundle Review
A UMZU Customer
Ricardo G.
United States United States

Feeling like a BOSS with UMZU

I've been using Redwood & Testro-X for a month and boy is my body loving it. I feel more alert and focused throughout the day and my energy levels are at optimal level. I honestly wasn't expecting much of anything as far physical changes, inside and outside my body , but I'm glad to say I was wrong. These products don't make me feel jittery or hyper, which is something I works get with other products. If one month can make a difference in my physical and mental well being I am excited to see what I'll be like in 2 or 3 months down the road. I'm an UMZUsubscriber for life.

UMZU Testro-X and Redwood Bundle Review
Rony F.
United States United States

Rony Felix

More Energy using my bows more often Overall I’m feeling really good My blood flow is very very good my blood flow is very very good.

Michael P.
United States United States

How to become the best you

I went from 9% body fat to 8% after using this for well over one month, I look stronger and leaner thanks to the UMZU team! This combined with intermittent fasting is a game changer.

UMZU Testro-X and Redwood Bundle Review
Adam G.
United States United States

Feeling Great!

So I have been taking the Redwood and Testro-X now for 5 weeks. I Believe its raising MY go go for my daily busy work and busy life. MY wife has also notice more of me in bedroom. Thanks UMZU FOR THIS GREAT PRODUCT AG Albuquerque NM

UMZU Testro-X and Redwood Bundle Review
Curtis B.
United States United States

You have awakened a sleeping giant!!

I really can't explain what's going on with me other than this is the best product I've ever taken my energy my strength it's incredible I'm on a high can't wait to try tigers blood and stand back there's no telling how big I'm going to get

UMZU Testro-X and Redwood Bundle Review
Edwin R.
United States United States

Redwood + Testro X

I have been feeling A lot better in the bedroom, great product Please, go easy on the spam ..way too many text . If product is good There is no need to drown customers with text n emails . Keep the good work

UMZU Testro-X and Redwood Bundle Review
peter s.
United States United States

Amazing products!

If you want to see results...then you got to try UMZU! My experience with redwood and testro-x has been phenomenal, my body feels great energy and stamina is on fire! But overall my well-being. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND

UMZU Testro-X and Redwood Bundle Review
Justin P.
United States United States

Increased Energy

I have been taking it along with Testro-X for a little over a month during the quarantine. I definitely have been feeling overall more energized, I have 2 toddlers and normally it's a full pot of coffee for this guy and now its just a cup in the morning good for the day, to include my daily workout routines as well. Great stuff and I'm seeing results for sure.

UMZU Testro-X and Redwood Bundle Review
Nelvin U.
United States United States

This stuff works! Is not something I would say just because.

Hello, I am male of 29 years, I just want to say that this has made my nightshift at work more energetic and also I been having much better sleep. Because of the balance I'm getting from Testo-X I'm not low on it per say... It never hurts to have it balance though. Umzu redwood and testo-X together does show if you know what I mean. Feeling more power now, way more than before. Since nightshift was sort of draining me a little of my production of energy/everything else. I thank you. Been feeling warmer, I had a small iceskating accident and the knee that used to hurt while I stand for so many hours redwood has made it feel much better, barely feeling it now. Heck sometimes not at all. Yes redwood does help you have better circulation not only for what matters, if you know what I'm getting at but also for swelling, muscle aches etc... Well for me it has helped greatly. Thank you again, can't stop saying this enough time. Thank you!

timothy h.
United States United States

Works Great

I am 54 years old, I have worked out and done extreme sports my whole life. My energy was staring to decrease and was having a hard time with my cardio breathing while Mtn> Biking. After starting Redwood and combining with Testero X, my ability to breath through exhausting hill climbs has increased dramatically. Totally impressed with your products!!!!

UMZU Testro-X and Redwood Bundle Review
Leon G.
United States United States


My experience has been great,I have a lot more energy.My body feels great.

UMZU Testro-X and Redwood Bundle Review
Reynold H.
United States United States

My cousin says...

I bought the Redwood because I have circulation issues in my legs. My cousin says that when we talk on the phone (several times daily) that I speak faster and clearer with stuttering like I used to. I also had a stroke affecting my speech. Honestly, with the changes in my speech and overall feeling better I haven't thought to look at my leg. I wasn't sure what would happen but so far I am impressed.

UMZU Testro-X and Redwood Bundle Review
United States United States

I'm saving my foot with Redwood!

I'm taking Redwood for the last couple months and I'm literally saving my old a** feet from demise as I'm taking this stuff... Now I'm looking at it like, "I'd rather pay with $40 bucks then to pay with one of me feet. As I can feel my feet again; I was losing circulation in my feet and now I can feel them again. I feared I was going to have to get one of them chopped off one day if I wasn't careful. So that's my story. I felt someone had to know that this product is saving lives and limbs... xD Good luck people!

Jared S.
United States United States

Great Product

I have been using Redwood, along with Testro-X, for the past three months (this will focus mainly on Redwood). Before taking the supplement, I was experiencing tension headaches as well as coldness in my hands and feet. Since taking Redwood consistently, I have not experienced any tension headaches. The coldness I experienced in my extremities is now low to none. Taking this along with Testro-X has significantly increased the results from my workouts as well. Thankful for this company and the research they have put into the their products. Not planning on cancelling my subscription any time soon.

UMZU Testro-X and Redwood Bundle Review
James R.
United States United States

Great Stuff

Now I think I have to go every 30 days. I started with 60days just because I wasn't sure how it would do... but brothas I'm hooked. More pump, longer workouts, feeling better, minimum soreness even when I thrash my legs on Leg day. Definitely keeping this in the gym bag. I do 4 Redwood and 3 Testros right before a work out, then the other 2 Redwoods bout an hour after the gym... Perfect balance, I been shredding and gettin back on point. This ish is lightweight amazing. Bruhhhh not to mention that bedroom game back like im 22... 38 now. So yea wifey appreciates it too. Stick with it and stay consistent in the gym RESULTS WILL COME, I can definitely tell when I'm working out without it.

Umzu Owl

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