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Gut Health Bundle

Floracil50, zuACV and zuPOO

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Our Gut Health Bundle is a natural supplement stack that acts as a gut cleanse and also supports gut health with high-quality prebiotics and probiotics.

This stack is our greatest recommendation for supporting overall gut health and balancing the bacteria in your gut.


A 3 Step Process for Supporting Gut Health



Help rid the body of waste in your body and flush out potential hormonal blockers in your stomach.†



After cleansing, fill your gut with good probiotic bacteria from Floracil50.†



Feed your new probiotic bacteria with zuACV+Prebiotics to keep them alive and well.†

zuPOO: Colon Cleanse & Gut Support
zuPOO: Colon Cleanse & Gut Support


Colon Cleanse & Gut Support

Looking for a gut cleanse supplement? Look no further than zuPOO! Our stomach flush formula helps to support waste elimination and promote healthy bowel movements, making it an ideal cleanse for gut health. Due to nutrient-poor modern diets, it's no wonder so many people have experienced feeling bloated and struggle with weight loss.* Trust zuPOO for a colon and gut cleanse, leaving you with a clean gut.†


Experience a smoother digestion process when you clear out your digestive tract with zuPOO.†


Supporting waste elimination can help to flush out potential hormonal blockers in your stomach.


A colon cleanse may help you feel lighter and slimmer.†*

FLORACIL50: Probiotic With Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Reuteri
FLORACIL50: Probiotic With Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Reuteri


Probiotic With Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Reuteri

Floracil50 is an extra strength probiotic that is all about supporting healthy gut function, digestion, immune system function, and contains Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Reuteri Strains for hormonal balance. Floracil50 contains 50 billion CFUs ("Colony Forming Units") of 8 hand-picked strains grown over 12-14 weeks before being freeze dried by a patented probiotic preservation technology to keep them alive and able to reach your gut.


We include 50 billion CFUs of 8 hand-picked strains grown over 12-14 weeks before being freeze-dried by a patented probiotic preservation technology to keep them alive and able to reach your gut.


Every single batch of Floracil50 probiotic strains are grown over 12-14 weeks before being freeze dried by a patented probiotic preservation technology to keep them alive and able to reach your gut.


Each strain of bacteria found in Floracil50 is backed by science and has its own unique way of supporting your digestion and a healthy immune system.†

zuACV + Prebiotics: Digestion, Immunity & Weight Loss
zuACV + Prebiotics: Digestion, Immunity & Weight Loss

zuACV + Prebiotics

Digestion, Immunity & Weight Loss

zuACV+ Prebiotics feeds the healthy bacteria in your gut essential prebiotic fibers and apple cider vinegar to help “good bacteria” thrive and to support a healthy gut!† Apple Cider Vinegar has been shown to provide relief from occasional bloating, promote a strong immune system, and support weight loss when it is used as part of an overall healthy lifestyle program that includes proper diet and regular exercise. † The best part? Experience these benefits without the bitter taste of drinking Apple Cider Vinegar. †


Apple Cider Vinegar has been shown in research to help blunt appetite and support weight loss when it is used as part of an overall healthy lifestyle program that includes proper diet and regular exercise.†


Apple Cider Vinegar boosts gut health, a key component of the immune system.†


ACV boosts the acidity of your stomach, supports pepsin production, and aids in healthy digestion.†

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Franco G.
United States United States

Improve gut health

At the beginning it was difficult, I started to have strong diarrhea because of the Digestive Refresh. After two weeks, I started to take the ACV and the Floracil. At first they gave me like a stomach pain. After one month 3 weeks I started to feel better and many of my stomach problems went away.

Chelsie H.
United States United States

Great company

I just became part of ur savers club, and time 4 my monthly purchase to process. Damn does time go by so fast, I thought it had only been 2 weeks since my 1st delivery. I was not financially ready 4 it & working with customer service to skip a month and get a refund was too easy. I was looking 4 a # 2 talk to some1 thinking it'd be easier but infact email was quick and got the job done! ZACH UR APPRECIATED as well as UMZU & their policy of not making us feel helpless. Makes me want 2 continue to be a part of the UMZU family. Thank you

UMZU Gut Health Bundle: Floracil50, zuACV and zuPOO Review
Steven H.
United States United States

Floracil50 and zuACV have helped more than zuPOO

I didn't have the blasting effects of the zuPOO like some of the reviews, so that was a little disappointing. My bowel movements stayed the same, and barely any difference. However, I have noticed how introducing Floracil50 and zuACV has changed my bloated feeling, less gassy in the evening, and has helped made my bowel movements a lot easier. I used to struggle just to get a little pebble out, but now I seem to have a "healthy" movement at least twice a day when I used to MAYBE just go once in the morning and usually that was struggle. I haven't noticed any weightless effects though from the zuACV. Overall, I'm happy with 2 out of 3 of the products in this bundle and will probably keep buying those 2. Customer Service was fantastic at getting me a partial refund on the zuPOO by the way.

Cortland B.
United States United States

Worth Every Penny

I’ve tried a few different ways to cleanse my gut and after using UMZU. I felt light and more nimble without a compacted gut. I’ve recommended it to a few friends already.

UMZU Gut Health Bundle: Floracil50, zuACV and zuPOO Review
John S.
United States United States


I was very disappointed in my purchase, especially ZUPOO, which was no better than products I've used from GNC or The Vitamin Shoppe, but a lot more expensive. I did initiate the refund process, and staff has been helpful. Having a bearded hipster in ripped jeans and a ball cap as a front man is okay I guess to draw in other ripped jeans wearing hipsters. But the product was not "hip" in my estimation. I won't buy anything else from UMZU. Very disappointing.

Erik D.
United States United States

Gut health

The gut health bundle has helped my ibsc, im able to have a bowl movement every day now, i would go days with out going, until i started the gut health bundle

Jim L.
United States United States

My review

I like the products. I’ve been using them for about a month now. I did a round of Zupoo before I had the bundle. I’m not sure if I should be using the Floracil 50 while I’m using the Zupoo though. Enlighten me please. Jim Longo

Auden M.
United States United States


Being a truck driver you only fast food causing me to have digestive issues, laxatives and other products weren't doing the job so I ordered zupoo I tried it out last night for the first time and this morning I went to the bathroom twice feeling great and I didn't wake up bloated like I always do " I feel great " can't wait to see the overall affect after finishing the this month

Kasey T.
United States United States

No more bloating

With in 2 days my belly was significantly smaller.

UMZU Gut Health Bundle: Floracil50, zuACV and zuPOO Review
Eleanor V.
United States United States

Feeling lighter

The Floracil50 and ZuACV is a great combination to take before a meal because my food digests well with it and I have gotten rid of stomach discomfort as a result. The ZuPoo didn't work for me but it works well for my husband.

UMZU Gut Health Bundle: Floracil50, zuACV and zuPOO Review
United States United States

Slightly disappointed (will update when finished)

Overall I am disappointed with the Zupoo. I had none of the crazy poo stories others had. I didn’t not feel any less bloated or feel relieved after taking. The only change was maybe the smell of the gas associated with my completely normal / regular poo. Not that I was hoping that I would be clued to the toilet or anything. On the positive side I will say I am extremely pleased with the quality of the bottles and how fast I received them. I am also very pleased with how quickly customer services answered my questions. I am only 5 day into the other products in this bundle and I will be updating this review as I go. Hopefully I can update this to a higher star rating later.

United States United States

I really recommend this product very helpful

I am so happy and thankful that UMZU help me in fluxing all the toxic in my gut! Before I don’t make a bowel and it took me 3-4days to **** and it affects my mood everyday but when I saw this in YouTube adds I am convinced to try it maybe it will change my life and I’m not mistaken I always take a bowel everyday I’ve been using this for 2 months and subscribes every month they will ship the bundle that I purchased and I’m so happy I have good mood every day and have more energy. I don’t feel scared eating a lot because I know UMZU will help me everyday to digest and clean my gut. Thank you so much for the person who invented this product It really help me a lot worth the money.

Moises J.
United States United States

Healthy new me

It helps me lose weigh and how to stay healthy

Artyom M.
United States

Gut Health Bundle

Amazing. Top tier products that were designed to help you and there are!

Christine M.
United States United States

Gut Health Bundle

I am feeling better, I have more energy during the day. I’m sleeping straight threw the night and of course feeling much lighter because I’m cleaning out the plumbing. Highly recommended products.

Valerie W.
United States United States

On day 8

The first 3 days to toilet and my *** were inseparable. My stomach went down. I continued to take the pills at night. Then my body balanced out, and then went back to regular flushes every other day. Now I'm wondering if that was all the wasted empacted or the pills chilled with my body.

Erich S.
United States United States

Excellence in three glass bottles

I've been looking for a dynamic combination of gut health supplements that are easy to find in one location. I really appreciate the effectiveness of the zuPoo formulation... it's like a slow moving steam roller... inevitable and thorough in its effectiveness. I'm also seeing better digestion and no bloating after eating with the zuACV and Floracil50. I'm using these products to re-seed the bacteria in my gut after doing a Master Cleanse protocol. So far I love how everything is working and looking forward to building a bullet proof digest system. I truly appreciate the vision and mission of UMZU and look forward to dramatically improving my health in short order.

UMZU Gut Health Bundle: Floracil50, zuACV and zuPOO Review
Andrew T.
United States United States

Loved this

This really was great for me. I typically feel bloated most the time but this seemed to help put me in order!

alex a.
United States United States


This bundle is exactly what my fiancé needed. He’s had stomach issues for years that just got worse every year! Now he finally has what he needs to eat more of what he likes and be able to live a better life. Probably the fact that he needed probiotics this whole time! His libido is also much much better! We love this bundle!

D. Haynes
United States United States

zuPoo is Comprehensive, Holistic and Powerfully Effective

I am a hard-core, mix-my-own-herbs-together cleanser. I had to learn how to do that to save my life. However, that was many years ago of which I did for 7 consecutive years during the Spring and I have not revisited my entire program in a while. I read the ingredients in zuPoo and knew that the mixture of herbs including bentonite clay was logical and wise. However, I was skeptical of a two capsule dose. I know my body very well and I don't have a two capsule colon. I need 4-6 capsules!!! Or so I thought. I took two capsules for 3 days and was surprised that bowel movements were being produced. It was gentle and effortless. But I turned up the action because I have experience with deep cleanses and am not afraid, so I took 4 capsules at night and added another two capsules of neem powder for added benefit. (Again, I have experience.) Additionally, I went on a cleansing diet of fresh made veggie juice and salad so that if all I'm eating is light and green, and everything coming out is dark, heavy and smelly, then I know that old, old stuff is being released. And that's exactly what happened. I was seeing stuff come out that looked like the results I would get when I deep cleaned my system mixing my own herbs years before. It was great!!! I was so excited and happy to know I was being cleaned out, with less effort than when I combined my own herbs together. I feel confident in the quality of the Umzu product line. The Floracil and ACV that I started taking after the cleanse is helping to keep me regular, which is my goal. I hope this review helps, thanks for reading and thanks Umzu.

Umzu Owl

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