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Did you know that up to 75% of Americans are estimated to not consume their daily recommended intake of magnesium?1

Our brand new Daily Magnesium by UMZU is an unmatched magnesium formula containing 3 of the most bioavailable forms of magnesium: Magnesium Gluconate, Aquamin (from seawater), and Magnesium Bisglycinate.

With this combination of highly bioavailable magnesium, you can ensure your body is getting the nutrient delivery it needs.

1.  https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/19621856/


Did You Know That Magnesium Is Involved In Over 600 Reactions In Your Body?


More Energy!

Proper magnesium levels are required for your body to maintain a healthy metabolism. Magnesium has also been shown to boost exercise performance, and exercising individuals may need up to 10-20% more magnesium than sedentary people. Use Daily Magnesium to boost your exercise performance and all-day energy.†


Maximum Absorption

The 3 potent forms of magnesium inside every dose of Daily Magnesium are the most potent and highly bioavailable types of magnesium, ensuring that your gut absorbs as much of this incredible nutrient as possible every day.†


Sleep Like A Baby

Magnesium is an essential nutrient for proper sleep cycles and hormonal production while sleeping. Magnesium deficiencies can cause poor sleep quality, insomnia, and restless nights. Start sleeping like a baby again with Daily Magnesium.†


3 Bioavailable Forms Of Magnesium In Every Dose

Why settle for an average magnesium supplement? Most magnesium supplements on the market only contain magnesium oxide, the least bioavailable form of magnesium. Daily Magnesium contains 3 highly bioavailable forms of magnesium in the correct dosages! See all ingredients

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Magnesium Gluconate

Magnesium gluconate is a highly bioavailable form of magnesium composed of magnesium and gluconic acid. It is easily absorbed into the blood stream where it can go to work helping your body with vital enzymatic functions quickly.

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how to use
For Men: Take 4 capsules with a meal daily

For Women: Take 3 capsules with a meal daily

Take consistently every day. We also recommend testing your magnesium levels to determine the extent of any deficiencies and monitor your levels as your correct the deficiency.

frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of magnesium supplementation?

It’s important to always talk to a medical professional before taking a supplement, but many individuals are advised by their doctors to take a daily dose of magnesium in order to benefit their overall health. In fact, magnesium can reduce the risk of developing a number of serious and incredibly common conditions.[1] If you are at risk of any of the conditions below — or if you already have them and are looking for a possible supplemental treatment option — magnesium could be exactly what you need. Heart Problems and High Blood Pressure: High blood pressure is one of the possible factors associated with other, more severe health problems. It is also one of the earliest warning signs of these issues. Fortunately, magnesium can help lower blood pressure in some individuals but usually only by a little bit (ODS). However, Harvard Medical School suggests that magnesium’s effect on the heart is has more to do with maintaining its electrical properties, which can still help prevent cardiac problems — like sudden heart attacks — and death associated with them. Osteoporosis: Between men and women, women are more likely to develop osteoporosis, a condition that affects bone density and strength, usually later in life. Taking magnesium supplements could be a possible way to stave off issues with osteoporosis.[2] Diabetes: Magnesium helps the body to better process glucose, which is part of the reason why those who have higher levels of magnesium in their bodies are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Other Benefits of Magnesium: Not only can magnesium possibly prevent and treat these serious and common health conditions, but increasing magnesium intakes may also help treat migraines [3], insomnia [4], depression [5] and anxiety [6]. It can also help those who have chronic inflammation issues (as a sign of magnesium deficiency is chronic inflammation), and it can be a possible treatment for PMS.[7] Finally, those who are looking for a sports performance supplement may also benefit from increasing magnesium intakes, as the mineral has been found to be effective for helping even the healthiest individuals improve their energy metabolism and performance.[8]

How do I use magnesium?

Magnesium is often present in a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement, and many people use this as an option for covering all their bases. Still, those who want to take magnesium on its own may do so by taking a pill that contains magnesium, magnesium aspartate, magnesium chloride, magnesium citrate or magnesium lactate (ODS 3).Magnesium, like any supplement, should not be taken without a healthcare professional’s formal approval. If used incorrectly, it could potentially affect the use of other medications or cause health problems, which is why it’s always important to check with your doctor before you start using magnesium and to get their express medical advice on the subject. Different people have different daily recommended amounts of magnesium. For men, 400 mg is the main amount, although they can be advised to allow up to 420 mg (ODS). Women are recommended to have between 310 and 360 mg per day, and children’s daily recommended amount increases as they grow older, from about 30 mg per day at infancy to 360 mg for girls and 410 for boys during their teen years. Pregnant and breastfeeding individuals may often see an increased daily recommended amount as well.Men: 400 mg dailyWomen: 310-360 mg dailyTeen boys: 410 mgTeen girls: 360 mg

What are the symptoms of a magnesium deficiency?

Many people deal with low magnesium levels (also known as hypomagnesemia). Sometimes, this is because they are not getting their necessary dietary magnesium intakes while other times it could be the product of a behavior or condition (but more on that later).The National Library of Medicine and the ODS list the common symptoms of hypomagnesemia as Nystagmus (or strange, rapid eye movements), Numbness in the body, Nausea, Vomiting, Loss of appetite, Weak muscles, Facial tics or spasms, Cramps, Fatigue, Seizures, Arrhythmic heartbeat, Changes in personality, Some of these are associated with more severe magnesium deficiency than others. For example, seizures, numbness, heart rhythm changes and personality changes are all associated with a severe case of hypomagnesemia. Many individuals, especially in the United States, aren’t getting the amount of magnesium they should be getting in their diets. Usually, the signs of magnesium deficiency are not as pronounced when this occurs, however, because the body is able to store the mineral for long periods of time without replenishment (University of Florida).Still, there are some behaviors and conditions that can make an individual more likely to experience losses of magnesium. These include: Frequent alcohol abuse, Kidney disease, Vomiting or diarrhea that lasts for long periods of time, Diuretic drug use, Hypercalcemia (or having a high level of blood calcium), IBS or celiac disease, Metabolic syndrome, And Old age.

Which foods contain magnesium?

Magnesium can be found naturally in a number of healthy foods. Most people know that green, leafy vegetables are a source for magnesium. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center lists a large number of magnesium rich foods, which surprisingly include raw shrimp, cooked, egg-enriched noodles, and bananas.

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Umzu magnesium

Best magnesium at the best price. Good job guys!

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A great stand alone mag supplement

My experience has been good.

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Superior to Competitors

I've been taking magnesium for a while. I have noticed a difference with this over others I have tried in the past. Performance and feeling both are much much better.

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works awesome this is the best Ive ever taken

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Daily Magnesium

Well tolerated. Was defencient in mag, therefore glad I purchased it.

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Love Magnesium

Great source of the mineral and I definitely feel like I don’t need more of it so I assume the bioavailability is solid

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