Bioenergetic Friendly Personal Care And Lifestyle Items

By Jayton Miller

The following is a list of personal care, household care, and day to day items that are free of endocrine disrupting substances. This list does not contain all the options available for these but gives a good amount of options for each. 

Note* - None of these links are affiliate links, and we do not make any money on any of the products except for UMZU products. We wish only to give you a resource to make your health journey a little easier. 


Toxin Free Personal Care Items:

Body Soap

Bug Repellants

(These are not perfect but seem to be decent options)





(Note - some of these along with the makeup are going to the websites not a specific product so make sure to look over the individual ingredients before buying)


Toilet Paper



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Toxin Free Household Items:

Air Filters


Dish Soap

Drink Containers

(Stainless steel and Glass are the main thing here)

Food Storage Containers

(The following are ones I have used but any glass ones should do)

Laundry Detergent

Red Light Devices

Shower Filters 

Surface Cleaner

Water Filters

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