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Bioenergetic Friendly Meat, Dairy, Eggs & Honey Sources

By Jayton Miller

Making the switch to a truly healthy diet and lifestyle can seem daunting, so we've compiled a list of bioenergetically and Thermo friendly food sources to make your journey easier.

Most of these places not only treat their animals with respect, but also cultivate them in a way that is friendly to the earth. Supporting these movements is just going to be icing on the cake when looking to purchase foods that are going to enhance your health. 


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  • This is mostly going to be useful for people that are located within the U.S.

Websites For Locating Raw Milk & Dairy Products:

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High Quality Meat Sources:

(Grass fed, Wild Caught, Hormone & Antibiotic free, etc…)

High Quality Eggs Sources:

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High-Quality Honey Sources:

Manuka Honey Sources:

Bee Pollen Sources:

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